The imaginative creative story

The word 'Imaginator' is a non-existing word. It has seen the light cause of a love relation between the English words 'Imagination' and 'Creator'. I experience myself as an imaginator: a creator of images, an image thinker. When I am typing this, two little bit too serious looking lepricorns are observing me. I call them the Emmaus-lepricorns, cause I feel that they are longing to tell me something... My imagination comes alive. I feel never alone... The images that are my comrads through life are becoming more and more Imax quality and more exciting. This because of my paradoxale, contrarily vision on life, my 'wild' spirituality. This vision is visible in all my products. And in this love-dynamic I am writing, editing, filming, directing, designing, concepting, speaking, singing & acting.

I wish you an exciting journey in my creative world.

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